It's me Jackie! Gosh do I have a lot to tell you about my adventures You wouldn't believe what has happened to this poor little Yorkie princess! I know that I sure was surprised (nothing new for me) Mom calls me the queen of denial but really I'm a Yorkie princess. My full time job before a few days ago was to make sure that my Mom and Daddy didn't get what you human people call getting bored. It is a lot of work thinking of things they need to do for me. It's my job to keep them on their toes.

Now I have a new very important FULL TIME job being a Mommy to my new litter of puppies. I was wondering why I had lost my girlish figure? I was really big I got all the way up to 7 pounds 4 ounces, I sort of looked like I swallowed a beach ball.

Blossom and Phyliss started making jokes about me getting fat, I could hear them laughing at me as I waddled down the hallway. You know that Phyliss can be such a bitch. She thinks that she should be top dog. I'm so sick of her telling me about her big trip to the dog shows in New York with Mommy Linda and getting to ride on an airplane. (What ever that is) I can hardly wait till Phyliss finds out that I'm a new mommy that makes me TOP DOG. I've earned the title.

Early Monday morning Mom and Daddy took me to see the doggie doctor. I thought he was going to tell me to lay off the doggie cookies because of me not being at my normal 5 pounds. I was all ready for this big lecture from the doctor about me getting my girlish figure back. Instead of getting a lecture on the benefits of being slim the doctor put this strange thing over my face and I drifted off to this wonderful Yorkieland. I was the queen and all the other Yorkie girls were my servants who had to bring me big bowls of Ice Cream. Some times I can talk Mom into giving me just a little taste. In this Yorkieland I could have all I wanted. I was having a really good time then that dumb doctor decides to wake me up. Not a pretty picture!

That stupid doctor cut my tummy and removed my extra weight 3 boys and 1 girl. My tummy is hurting something BAD and I'm ticked off at the doctor and my Mom and Daddy. My guts just got cut open and no one asked my permission. The least they could have done was tell me what was going to happen to me. I should have remembered when that Yorkie guy Shelby started whispering sweet nothings in my ear, that there would be a pay back time. He not getting close to me again even if he is such a hunk. I'll just remember what that doctor did to me.

Mom tried to give me this black squiggly thing and she expected me to wash its bottom. Well I told her to get over that idea that this Queen of Denial was not about to wash poop off its bottom. It was Mom and Daddy's bright idea that we needed puppies let them take care of them. Mom let me sleep I wanted to go back to that Yorkieland and boss the other Yorkie girls.

When I was sleeping Mom put the babies in the box with me, the babies curled up tight next to me. The next thing you know I like these babies they are soft and cuddly and smell just super great! Now my job is to guard my babies they are so wonderful that I'm sure the other Yorkie girls would like to steal them from me. I could have had a few more girls 3 boys ugh you know that us Yorkie girls are smarter than those dumb boys. Mom and Daddy seem to like the puppies they keep telling me what a good job I did.

I just wish that I could have a little privacy! Mom and Daddy are taking turns staying with the puppies and me. Well maybe for now I like having my people with me they bring me lots of good things to eat and drink. I don't have to worry about Phyliss and Blossom teasing me about being fat I have my girlish figure back and 4 great babies. Isn't life grand!!

Tail wags and Yorkie kisses,
(the queen of denial)

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